our story

our story

everyone loves levantine cuisine, but yes, the preparation may seem a tad complicated.

our wide range of easy-to-cook products simplify the Levant food experience by offering a quick, step by step preparation guide and bringing some fun into your kitchen!

so gather your friends and families and just enjoy the authentic taste of the Levantine cuisine.

bon appétit!

food quality

we’re all about fun in the kitchen.

but that doesn’t mean we don’t take our business seriously, especially when it comes to good quality and great taste.

we work closely with our partners to deliver high-end products and compromising on quality control is definitely not part of our motto. we make sure to maintain the same level of quality throughout the manufacturing process; from the selection of raw materials, to production and all the way to delivering our end products.

about us

Some trends come and go every year, but certain traditions like the Levantine cuisine last forever.


At Levant Foodies, and while the food trend is rolling around the Eastern Mediterranean, we bring you the authentic Levantine taste through our wide range of Kookaloney products!


Based in Europe, Levant Foodies mirrors European quality, integrity and responsiveness standards.

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